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EE-Consulting AG is a leader in the design, supply and testing & commissioning of

  • Smart City Lighting monitoring and remote control
  • Tunnel Lighting Control Systems, including integration into Smart City environment

With 30 years of experience, 18 years presence in the Middle East, many “world first” innovations and a global presence we are a reliable and solid partner. Hundreds of installations have been completed across Europe, Asia and the MENA Region.

Notable achievements are:

  • “The Smart City Public Lighting Control” for the complete City of Rome covering 200’000+ nodes
  • Lighting Control Systems for 100+ tunnels in the Middle East
  • Connected LED lights for 50’000+ street and tunnel lighting points

We maintain a close relationship with our clients, consultants and contractors. Our focus is clearly on reliability, energy efficiency and low operational cost. Our partners are Reverberi Enetec srl. Italy and Ticos AG Switzerland.

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Networking Partner

Based in Shanghai, China, Opple Lighting is one of the most renowned LED light bulb manufacturers. Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2004, we initiated our operations as a CFL manufacturer. With the passage of time, we worked hard and expanded our LED bulb manufacturing operations to include a wider array of top quality products. This was done as a means of catering to the varied needs of our clients and customers – to us, customer satisfaction is of utmost priority.

The one thing that we are proud of at Opple is that our growth is not restricted to achievements on a domestic level. Instead, we have experienced exponential growth in the international market. Over time, we have managed to offer our products and services in more than 50 countries around the world. This includes sales and services in countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia, Europe and Australia. These achievements have only been possible due to our strong commitment to research and development and the ever-growing demand for top quality, energy saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting products.

With over 6,000 people employed worldwide, Opple has long delivered solution based lighting solutions catered to fulfill the needs of customers serving various industries as well as home based clients.

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